Romeo and Juliet Project Schools


AEA Actor/Teaching-Artist Michael Khanlarian leads students through Act V of Romeo and Juliet.


Students create the eerie enviornment of the underground tomb and discuss personal reactions if they were in their character's shoes. (Pictured: Nathan Snow)


Even when dealing with heavy subject matter and tragic events, students still find joy and humor in the relatable qualities of the characters. (Pictured: Roman Kyle)


At the end of the third session, students watched a 90-minute version of Romeo and Juliet.


Students get to see professional actors from all over the country bring the in-class sessions to life within the frame of the entire play. (Pictured: Cally Shine)


This nationally-acclaimed residency is made possible in-part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and their "Shakespeare In American Communities" program.