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"Our drums are bringing forth our youth."-Coriolanus

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Tennessee Shakespeare Company has a team of dynamic teaching artists who will assist you in moving William Shakespeare's stories and language off the page and into the hearts of your students. We believe the passion and specificity of Shakespeare's text is essential for young people to experience. Shakespeare was (and is) meant to be PLAYED, therefore we will invite your students out of their chairs and into the world of these plays in fun, interactive playshops that we hope will inspire your students to form a life-long love of language.

We welcome all levels of participation, and can gear our teaching curriculum to all ages and abilities. The cost of one 50-minute playshop with a TSC teaching artist is $150 for a maximum capacity of 30 students. If you have interest in a playshop not listed below, or you want to create your own, please ask.


Introduction Playshops:

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"On With My Speech"
Explore Wild and Whirling Words
50 Minutes, or a paired residency

Shakespeare is much more poetry, passion, and wit than he is tights, kissing, and funny accents.This fun and revealing playshop will excite your students about Shakespeare's language, his relationships, the secrets in his text, and his writer's voice. 


"The Play's the Thing"
You Pick the Play,We Help you Unpack It!
50 Minutes

Pick your play! Our teaching artists will interactively ready your students for classroom study of your chosen play! Students meet the characters, recognize key relationships, and absorb the essential back-stories leading to an immediate accessibility of your play.  Students will know what to watch for as the story unfolds and best of all, gain ownership of the language as they speak Shakespeare’s riveting text. This playshop is the sure-fire way to excite your students about the Shakespeare play of your choice!

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Specialty Playshops:


"Give Signal to the Fight!"
Stage Violence in Shakespeare
50 minutes; or 3-class residency

How do actors do all those fights without getting hurt? Safety, communication, craft, and clear storytelling are how theatre professionals create brawls and battles. Give your students permission to fight in class in a basic unarmed staged combat playshop!


"Holla, You Clown!"
Get Crazy Funny with Shakespeare
50 minutes; 3-day, or week-long residency

Students explore playfulness, physicality, clowning, and how it manifests in Shakespeare's comedies. In a series of wild and wacky exercises, we will bring life to the text of some of Shakespeare's funniest people. 


"Of Others' Voices"
Women and "Others" in Shakespeare
50 minutes; or a 3-day residency combining "Of Others' Voices" with "Thy Poet Doth Invent"

Shakespeare broke dramatic rules in bringing the equal voices of women and "others" to the stage. What do we have in common with characters like Lady Macbeth, Othello, Shylock, or Juliet? What is it to be on the outside? What happens when a human is shunned or marginalized because of their color, religion, or gender? Invite your students to investigate these questions on their feet.


"Fie, Painted Rhetoric!"
Speech and the Art of Persuasion in Shakespeare
50 minutes

Rhetoric is everywhere. It is in our political forums, our media, and our everyday life. There is an art to persuasion, and few were better at it than William Shakespeare. Students will explore how he taught us passionate means to win our arguments, sell our points of view, and confidently speak to the public. 


"Thy Poet Doth Invent!"
Speak Your Poetry Out Loud
50 minutes; or 3-day residency

Combine your students' poetic voices with creative movement. We invite your students to write freely, harness the inner critic, and fall in love with literary devices. 

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What students and teachers say:

"I'm sure that none of us will ever look at it [Shakespeare] the same way again! When you got us onto our feet acting, we were drawn into the story - and we adored it! For the rest of the afternoon and the next day, my friends and I raved about it. We have a passion for Shakespeare, thanks to you."-Isabel Azar, sixth grade student, Westminster Academy
"[Playing] was definitely more fun than reading the play because becoming a player made the play relatable and easier to understand. I learned that I have a lot in common with [Shakespeare's] characters. Shakespeare doesn't seem as archaic as I previously perceived him. The different activities showed me that Shakespeare was instead ahead of his time." - Tiara Baker, Christian Brother's University
"Incredible! I wasn't sure my students would want to participate, but they absolutely loved it. They could not stop talking about it!" - Kim Tucker, Germantown High School
"There's no way I could have been as effective as you were in introducing Shakespeare."- Karissa Steward, Riverdale Elementary School

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