Click this link to watch a brief, inspiring report from our friends at Action News 5 about our 3-Day Residency at Westwood High School!

What is a Residency?

A Residency is more than one master class or playshop. We come to you with a playful and enlightening curriculum of progression that encourages students to learn on their feet. Through multiple sessions, participants will build a theatrical foundation of physical, vocal, and textual vocabulary, allowing them to form an artistic community for the purpose of enjoying and creating classical theatre.

Building Your Residency

TSC will work with you and your school to craft a curriculum and determine the appropriate number of sessions and teaching artists needed to bring Shakespeare to life for your students.

A residency consists of a minimum of three sessions with the same group of students. A residency can happen in consecutive days or over consecutive weeks, however best accommodates your schedule and curriculum. For pricing, each "Day" of residency constitutes one 50-minute interactive Playshop with one group of up to 30 students.

3-Day Residency: $375*
5-Day Residency: $550*
10-Day Residency: $950*

* Plus $50/day for each day/session that requires an additional Teaching Artist (Stage Combat, Dance, etc).  

Click here for more information and to view sample residency sessions

What students and teachers are saying about TSC Residencies:

I think I'm learning more than other students in this school just because I'm hearing Shakespeare.
- 2009 Residency Participant, Soulsville Charter School
Being an English major, and reading and referencing [Romeo and Juliet] hundreds of times, the facts had never been conveyed to me and with such evidence and clarity before. Interacting as a player with the play versus reading it forces one to pay attention to detail and certain aspects that one never would while reading. You guys made Shakespeare come to life in the 21st century and you did it with such love and passion. The experience is a priceless one!
- Larissa Redmond, Graduate Student, Christian Brothers University
The students were truly inspired, and the love of the Great Bard's words has only deepened more throughout our hallowed halls. You are a true gift to our city and the young minds that you are embracing.
- Leigh Mansberg, Teacher, St. Mary's Episcopal School

To begin crafting your residency, please contact
the TSC Education Department at 901-759-0604 or

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